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555792 - Summer Meal Program Expansion Grant
Funding Opportunity Details

Education Nutrition and Health

Final Application Deadline: May 7, 2024 11:59 PM

  • Status Closed

    Posted Date Apr 19, 2024 11:00 AM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 06/03/2024 - 08/31/2026

    Award Announcement Date 05/23/2024

    Categorical Area Education

    Recurring Opportunity

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
Assurance of Compliance with Civil Rights RequirementsAssurance of Compliance with Civil Rights Requirements.pdfpdf30 KB03/18/2024 11:16 AM
Current Sponsor ChecklistChecklist for Current Sponsors.pdfpdf92 KB03/22/2024 12:43 PM
Iowa SFSP Initiation InstructionsIowa SFSP Initiation Instructions.pdfpdf131 KB03/22/2024 12:40 PM
IowaGrants Instructions to Apply for FundingIowaGrants Instructions to Apply for Funding.pdfpdf810 KB03/22/2024 12:40 PM
IowaGrants Login InstructionsIowaGrants Login Instructions.pdfpdf623 KB03/22/2024 12:40 PM
New Non-School Sponsor ChecklistChecklist for New Non-School Sponsors.pdfpdf140 KB03/22/2024 12:42 PM
New School Sponsor ChecklistChecklist for New School Sponsors.pdfpdf131 KB03/22/2024 12:42 PM
Pre-Approved Equipment Purchase ListPre-Approved Equipment Purchases.pdfpdf607 KB03/22/2024 12:44 PM
Questions and Answers DocumentSummer Meal Program Expansion Grant Questions and Answers.pdfpdf150 KB04/23/2024 11:30 AM
SFSP and SSO Comparison ChartSFSP_SSO_Comparison Chart_2024.pdfpdf182 KB03/26/2024 10:01 AM
SFSP and SSO Number of Sites Per CountySFSP and SSO Number of Sites Per County.pdfpdf46 KB03/22/2024 12:44 PM
SFSP and SSO Open Site List 2023Iowa SFSP SSO Open Site List_2023.xlsxxlsx54 KB03/22/2024 12:43 PM
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Mar 22, 2024 9:04 AMHow to I get access to IowaCNP?