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522662 - FY24 RFP 58824019 for Primary Care Provider Loan Repayment Program
Funding Opportunity Details

Health Care Delivery Systems

Pre Application Deadline: Oct 11, 2023 4:00 PM

Final Application Deadline: Dec 20, 2023 4:00 PM

  • Status Closed

    Posted Date Sep 5, 2023 3:56 PM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 03/01/2024 - 02/28/2026

    Award Announcement Date 01/24/2024

    Categorical Area Rural Issues

    Recurring Opportunity No

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
A. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRPA. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP.pdfpdf384 KB09/05/2023 02:44 PM
C. HHS Application Instructions_Guidance New IGC. HHS Application Instructions_Guidance New IG 1.pdfpdf4 MB08/31/2023 11:27 AM
D. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Contract DraftD. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Contract Draft.pdfpdf286 KB09/05/2023 02:45 PM
E. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Pre App Review Tool DraftE. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Pre App Review Tool Draft.pdfpdf117 KB09/05/2023 03:09 PM
F. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Final App Score Tool DraftF. RFP 58824019 Primary Care Provider LRP Final App Score Tool Draft.pdfpdf90 KB09/05/2023 03:09 PM
G. Form22-RFPG. Form22-RFP.pdfpdf383 KB07/13/2023 08:30 AM
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Submitted DateQuestionAnswer
Sep 15, 2023 10:43 AMHello! I have a few questions: 1. Are RNs of any specialty eligible for this opportunity? 2. Are hospitalists eligible to apply for this opportunity? Thanks!Question 1 RNs could be eligible if they are providing primary care, oral (dental) health, or mental health services in a federally designated health professional shortage area that corresponds with the health services they provide. See Section 1.01 Purpose.

Question 2 Allopathic Medicine/Osteopathic Medicine Physician must be practicing in one of the following specialties: Family Medicine/Osteopathic General Practitioners, General Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Geriatrics, and Psychiatry. Applicants must also work at an eligible practice site. See Section 1.03B Eligibility Requirements, including Eligibility Requirements 2 & 5.
Sep 25, 2023 7:53 PMDo you accept electronic official transcripts for education verification?Yes, you can upload an official electronic transcript as long as the file is one of the acceptable file types (i.e. JPEG, PNG, or PDF).
Sep 26, 2023 8:00 PMCan I still qualify for this scholarship if my loans are in forbearance?Yes. Loans in forbearance could qualify for loan repayment if they satisfy the eligibility requirements.
Sep 27, 2023 11:26 AMDoes any other funding source directed towards loans disqualify somebody from being eligible for this loan repayment? Refer to Section 1.03A Eligibility Conditions and 1.03B Eligibility Requirements, Subsection 3.F Ineligible loans
Sep 27, 2023 2:31 PMWhat should I be putting for the question of "Loan Identifier (e.g., token, or number for each loan)?" I am not able to find any specific identifier for each loan. Thank you very much for any assistance.A Loan Identifier is a unique label for each of numerous loans under a single servicer. Servicers may use different terms to describe a loan identifier such as a Loan Number, Loan Sequence, Group Number, Group Letter, or other type of identifier.
Sep 27, 2023 4:33 PMIf you do not have any Consolidated, Refinanced, or commercial loans. How would you like for the application to respond to this to complete these sections? Thank you for your timeYou can indicate “Yes'' or “No” to the question in the application pertaining to whether you have a consolidated, refinanced, or commercial loan. For example, when you click on “Add Row” for a Consolidated Loan, you will then be asked if you have a consolidated loan to add. Here you will indicate “Yes'' or “No”.