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509391 - FY24 RFA for Child and Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs
Funding Opportunity Details

Title V Services

Final Application Deadline: Jul 7, 2023 4:00 PM

  • Status Closed

    Posted Date May 31, 2023 1:56 PM

    Award Amount RangeNot Applicable

    Project Dates 10/01/2023 - 09/30/2024

    Award Announcement Date 08/10/2023

    Categorical Area Child Health

    Recurring Opportunity No

DescriptionFile NameTypeSizeUpload Date
A. FY24 Child & Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs RFAA. FY24 RFA CAH_OH Programs Template.pdfpdf870 KB05/31/2023 01:19 PM
C. HHS Application Instructions Guidance New IGC. HHS Application Instructions_Guidance New IG.pdfpdf2 MB04/14/2023 10:12 AM
D. Draft FY24 Child & Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs Contract Template D. FY24 RFA for CAH_OH Programs 5884CAHxx Contract Template.pdfpdf385 KB05/31/2023 01:19 PM
E. Draft FY24 Child & Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs Review Tool E. Draft FY24 Child Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs Review Tool .pdfpdf339 KB05/31/2023 01:20 PM
F. Funding Allocation TableF. Funding Allocation Table.pdfpdf53 KB05/31/2023 01:06 PM
G. RFP 58823005 Child and Adolescent Health and Oral Health ProgramsG. RFP 58823005 Child and Adolescent Health and Oral Health Programs.pdfpdf6 MB05/31/2023 01:06 PM
H. HCCI DHS Approved Trainings 03302023H. HCCI DHS Approved Trainings 03302023.pdfpdf158 KB05/31/2023 01:07 PM
I. FY24 - ECE Provider CCNC FTE & FundingI. FY24 - ECE Provider CCNC FTE Funding.pdfpdf191 KB05/31/2023 01:07 PM
J. FFY2024 I-Smile @ School Minimum Screening RequirementsJ. FFY2024 I-Smile School Minimum Screening Requirements.pdfpdf113 KB05/31/2023 01:08 PM
K. FFY2024 Frequency of services for clients age 0-2K. FFY2024 Frequency of services for clients age 0-2.pdfpdf597 KB05/31/2023 01:08 PM
L. Collaborative Service Area Census 2020 Race and Ethnicity DataL. Collaborative Service Area Census 2020 Race and Ethnicity Data.pdfpdf148 KB05/31/2023 01:09 PM
M. FY24 Lead DataM. FY24 Lead Data.docx.pdfpdf296 KB05/31/2023 01:09 PM
N. FY24 RFA CAH_OH Programs Amendment 1N. FY24 RFA CAH_OH Programs Amendment 1.pdfpdf243 KB08/04/2023 12:13 PM
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Submitted DateQuestionAnswer
Jun 7, 2023 11:23 AMWhere letters of commitment are required, is it acceptable to submit the letter of support obtained for the FY23 RFP if the same entities will be supporting activities in FY24?Letters of commitment are NOT required to be submitted with the RFA. Applicants can disregard any reference to submission of letters of commitment within the RFA.
Jun 13, 2023 3:54 PMCould Iowa HHS provide a list of planned health equity-related trainings for FFY that will be offered to contractors to assist with planning for priority population training requirements?We do not have planned trainings on Health Equity at this time. Please contact your consultant to share your training needs or ideas. As needs are expressed and as trainings are made available, we will let contractors know.
Jun 13, 2023 4:10 PMWe understand that two family engagement meetings are required for FFY24. Are there requirements related to the number of topics that need to be covered during FFY24 or just the number of meetings? Put another way, can you focus on the same topic during both meetings and meet the requirement?We did not set the topics for FFY 24 to allow Family Engagement (FE) Groups to set their own agendas and priorities. The FE group is to be an ongoing group of the same members. We understand there will be individuals who join, drop out, can’t attend a specific meeting. The purpose of the FE group is to “engage families in partnerships and planning”, “shape services and programs to be family-centered, and shape systems and policies to be family-centered”, and “contributing to planning, implementation, feedback, evaluation, outreach and policy decisions”. (RFP p 43-45). The FE Group should have members who are committed to the partnership for a minimum of a year. Different arrangements of the FE group are possible, such as having a group in one location of the CSA and another group in another area of the CSA; an evening group(s) and a day group(s); a group that meets in English and a group(s) that meets in another language, etc. The same agenda might be used or different agendas might develop, especially over time to meet the needs of the group. In the example of having a meeting of the day group and a meeting of the evening group, this meets criteria for one meeting, not two. To meet the requirement, two meetings of the same group, with the second meeting building on the work the group did during the first meeting, is required. Please contact your consultant directly if you want to work through group membership requirements, meeting requirements, etc.
Jun 16, 2023 1:43 PMIf we provide VFC immunizations as part of the immunization grant, can we refer our CAH clients to our services, even if we don't use CAH funding to support the work? Yes. If you are referring them out of the CAH program to your Immunization program, you would document the referral in the narrative in Iowa Connected, and you would not document or bill the immunizations as part of your CAH program or Screening Center status.
Jun 21, 2023 2:04 PMOn pg 41 Enabling Services #4 it states that the contractor will locate/identify clients enrolled in Title V. Can you clarify what enrolled in Title V means?Eligible for Title V. Title V eligible clients are under 22 years of age, reside in Iowa, with income at or below 300% of the federal poverty level (if over 300% FPL the client would be charged the fee for the service), have no insurance, or whose insurance coverage does not cover preventive health care services, and are not eligible for Medicaid.
Jun 21, 2023 2:05 PMCan the DDSP position be a subcontractor?The Direct Dental Service Planner may be subcontracted to another agency or an individual. However, if contracting with an individual, check with your organization’s legal counsel to assure that this subcontract with an individual does not constitute an employer/employee relationship. If an employer/employee relationship is indicated, then your organization may be responsible for all employee taxes.