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  Funding Opportunity Details
 -442165-Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program
  Application Deadline: 03/08/2022 3:00 PM
Award Amount Range: Not Applicable
Project Start Date: 03/09/2022
Project End Date: 06/30/2023
Award Announcement Date: 01/12/2022
Eligible Applicant:
Program Officer: Brian Dennis
Phone: 515-725-3666 x
Categorical Area:

Notice of Funding Opportunity

State Agency Name: Iowa Workforce Development Funding Opportunity

Title: Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program

    Announcement Type: Initial

CFDA Number (if applicable): Not applicable

Important Dates

Deadline: Applications for the funds are due by March 8, 2022, at 3:00 pm Central Time.  Application Notification: A Notice of Intent to Award will be posted on the following websites:

Program Description


Iowa’s hospitals and long-term care facilities have for many years struggled to recruit and retain a robust healthcare workforce, including nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, certified nursing assistants, and other critical professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated Iowa’s healthcare workforce shortage, resulting in burned-out caregivers and an exodus from the field.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare added 37,000 jobs in October 2021, but employment in the industry is down by 460,000 since February 2020. As of December 14, 2021, healthcare careers represented 4 of the top 10 job postings on As of January 4, 2022, Registered Nurse and Nursing Assistant positions were the top two, with 5,420 and 1,602 openings respectively. Solving Iowa’s healthcare workforce shortage will require short- and long-term strategies and investments, public-private partnerships, and innovative collaborations between and within Iowa’s communities.

The Iowa Heath Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program grant will select no fewer than five successful applicant communities in which to establish a new, or expand an existing, high school-based registered apprenticeship program for health care careers. Inspired by the innovative WorkSMART Connector patient care apprenticeship at the Career Academy of Pella, successful applicants will build community partnerships and design a health care registered apprenticeship program for high school apprentices. The result is an alternative pathway to health education with an added opportunity to earn and learn, including one-to-one mentoring during on the job training.  Awardees will receive supplemental assistance from the State of Iowa to acquire simulation software and hardware to further enhance apprentices’ educational and practical experience, and readiness for the field.

  1. Funding Priorities
  1. Partnerships comprised of, at a minimum, a school district or accredited nonpublic school, a hospital and nursing facility, and a Related Training Instruction (RTI) provider such as a community college or other qualified training provider, in a community or region collaborating to establish a Registered Apprenticeship program that prepares Iowa high school apprentices for careers in health care.
  2. Partnerships comprised of, at a minimum, a school district or accredited nonpublic school, a hospital and nursing facility, and a Related Training Instruction (RTI) provider such as a community college or other qualified training provider, in a community or region collaborating to expand or enhance an existing Registered Apprenticeship program that prepares Iowa high school apprentices for careers in health care.
  3. IWD will consider the location of applicants during the review process to ensure the geographic diversity of grantees.

 Performance Measures

All applications must include performance measures that align with the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship work processes within the approved Registered Apprenticeship On the Job Related Training Instruction standards and/or competencies.

  1. Program Authority

IWD’s authority to award these grants may be found in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, (H.R.1319), as delegated by Governor Kim Reynolds pursuant to her authority under the same act.

  1. Definitions
  • Outcome: A type of performance measure that indicates progress toward achieving the intended result of a Registered Apprenticeship program and usually represents a change in the situation of beneficiaries of a service, such as completing an apprenticeship training program.
  • Registered Apprenticeship: A Registered Apprenticeship is a type of nationally recognized apprenticeship that is approved by the US Department of Labor. All Registered Apprenticeships are paid and include regular wage increases during the program. People who complete a Registered Apprenticeship earn a nationally recognized credential and can get credit toward a college degree. The length of Registered Apprenticeship programs varies but is typically two to four years.
  • Apprentice: Means a worker at least 16 years of age, except where a higher minimum age standard is otherwise fixed by law, who is employed to learn an apprenticeable occupation as provided in §29.4 under standards of apprenticeship and is registered with the USDOL/Office of Apprenticeship.
  • Related Training Instruction (RTI):  Means an organized and systematic form of instruction designed to provide the apprentice with the knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to the apprentice’s occupation.  Such instruction may be given in a classroom, through occupational or industrial courses, or by correspondence courses of equivalent value, electronic media, or other forms of self-study approved by the Office of Apprenticeship.
  • On the Job Training (OJT):  On-the-Job (OJT) training is a workforce development strategy where employers of all sizes have an opportunity to train, mentor and hire candidates as they become fully proficient in a particular skillset or job function.
  • Participant: A reportable sponsor who has received grant-assisted services.
  • Administrative Costs: Expenses associated with operating the program, including marketing, personnel, office supplies, etc.

Award Information

Governor Kim Reynolds has reserved funding that Iowa received under the federal American Rescue Plan Act (H.R.1319) to award a minimum of 5 grants under this Notice of Funding Opportunity.

  1. Estimated Award Amount

IWD anticipates awarding a minimum of 5 grants that may vary in amount as determined by the scope of the project and the availability of funding. Funding decisions are made as funding is available, and IWD is not obligated to provide any requested amount. 

  1. Limitations

Each successful applicant will be required to provide a sustainability plan that   demonstrates how the program will be maintained after grant funding is fully expended.

  1. Project and Award Period

Pursuant to the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, (H.R.1319), funds received as part of this program must be entirely spent by September 1, 2026. Any funds not expended by that date, must be returned to IWD no later than December 15, 2026.

  1. Type of Award

IWD will award funds to successful applicants to carry out planned proposals. Any unexpended grant dollars must be returned to Iowa Workforce Development thereafter. 

  1. Use of Funds

The Iowa Health Careers Registered Apprenticeship Program grant funds may be used for the following expenses:

  • Equipment
  • Training materials (such as textbooks, curriculum, etc.)
  • Uniforms and PPE
  • Transportation (gas, vehicle, public transportation);
  • To cover fees traditionally incurred by apprentices, such as CPR and CNA test expenses, lab costs and background checks;
  • To reimburse employers for apprentices’ earn and learn wages;
  • Instructor salaries
  • Administrative costs – limit 10%
  • To purchase any other necessary items or equipment to implement a successful health care registered apprenticeship program


  1. Reporting Requirements

Grantees will be required to submit vouchers, receipts, expenditures, and reports to document how the funds were spent and certify the funds were used in accordance with the grant application and grant program. All grantees must provide a detailed annual report to the Director of Iowa Workforce Development by December 31st of each year. The report must include, but is not necessarily limited to:

  1. Date funds received;
  2. Amount of funds received;
  3. A description of the activities, equipment and/or programs paid for by the funds;
  4. Number of apprentices enrolled in the program;
  5. Number of apprentices who complete the program;
  6. Number of apprentices who earn nursing assistant certification (CNA);
  7. A list of community partners and their roles in supporting the program;
  8. County or counties served;
  9. Locations where the program was implemented and any evidence that substantiates the benefit received by grantee and apprentices because of the new program; and
  10. Verification that sponsors have registered all apprentices in the IowaWORKS data management system.
  1. Payment Schedule

The executed grant agreement will specify conditions for payment and payment schedule.

Eligibility Information

  1. Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are school districts or accredited nonpublic schools in partnership with hospitals and nursing facilities, and Related Training Instruction (RTI) providers such as community colleges or other qualified training providers. IWD requires applicants for this grant to cultivate partnerships to fulfil project activities and outcomes.

Grantees must comply with all applicable provisions of state and federal laws pertaining to nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, and equal employment opportunity.


  1. Additional Consideration

Additional consideration will be given to applicants that:

  • Demonstrate broad community commitment to the success and sustainability of the program;
  • Demonstrate an ability to scale their program to other school districts and/or communities;
  • Demonstrate how the program aligns with post-secondary education and/or training for additional or more advanced health occupations, including articulation agreements with nurse training programs in Iowa colleges and universities;
  • Includes a sustainability plan to ensure the program continues in the future without grant funding; and
  • Document how the project will impact workforce and economic development.

Additional Information: Additional information regarding this funding opportunity can be found in the attachments provided on For any additional questions regarding this posting, please use the "ask a question" function in IowaGrants at the top of the page, or email Brian Dennis at: 

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